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The main filling for the duvet is 100% white goose down. Because down is a kind of animal protein fiber, higher thermal insulation than cotton (plant cellulose), and the down fiber is densely covered with tens of thousands of small triangular pores, which can contract and expand with temperature changes, resulting in temperature regulation function, which can absorb the hot air flowing from the human body and isolate the invasion of cold air from the outside world.
2. The duvet is breathable and dry, strong moisture drainage, not rigid, and has the good performance of moisture absorption and divergence that other warm materials do not have, known as “breathing quilt”. In the quilt family, the duvet is the most expensive, the warmth of the duvet is undoubtedly, because the down itself is a triangular skeleton structure, so the air storage is relatively large, good temperature insulation, can maintain the temperature of the human body in the quilt, not easy to be affected by the indoor temperature, which means that the general room can use the duvet. Does not have to be very low temperature can be used, spring, autumn, winter three seasons can be used.
The duvet cleaning
(1) When cleaning cotton fabrics, should first put washing powder and other detergents (do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients) into the water, to be completely dissolved, and then put into the cotton fabric.
(2) The general soaking time is not more than half an hour, and the water temperature during cleaning is generally not more than 40 degrees.
(3) When cleaning, light products should be washed separately from dark products to avoid dyeing.
(4) When the quilt is drying, it is suitable to choose a place with ventilation and no sunlight, and the best time is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is best to remove it when drying.
(5) Lace, pendant and other desirable ornaments must be removed first and then washed.



Post time: Aug-16-2023