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What happens to the towel after long use?

1. Yellowing and smelly

a. When we wipe the sweaty and oily skin with a towel and do not clean it regularly, the towel tends to accumulate fat and dirt. After a long time, it tends to feel sticky. When it dries, it will turn yellow or produce a peculiar smell.
b. If your bathroom environment is not ventilated, and the towel is not completely wrung out after each use, moisture will accumulate at the bottom of the towel, and the bottom edge will become moldy, and the towel will naturally produce peculiar smell or even panic. Yellow phenomenon.

2. Harden
a. If the towel is used for too long, the hair will fall off. When only the bone stem is left after the towel has fallen off, the towel will become hard.

b. The towel is not completely cleaned, and there are long-term residual dirt on the skin in the fiber.
c. After the towel is washed, the loops are tangled and exposed to the sun without shaking.
d. The free calcium and magnesium ions in the water combine with soap and stick to the towel, which is also a major cause of hardening of the towel.

Hazards of improper use

Many towels are dyed. It is normal for newly-purchased towels to fade slightly after the first launch. If the color continues to fade, there are two possibilities, one is that the towel is a reprocessed product, and the other is that the towel uses inferior dyes. Inferior dyes contain carcinogens such as aromatic amines. When the human body is in long-term contact with towels containing aromatic amines, the aromatic amines are easily absorbed by the skin, causing cancer or allergies. Therefore, washing your face with towels dyed with inferior dyes is the same as washing your face with industrial wastewater, which will seriously damage your skin and endanger your health.

How to clean?

1. High temperature disinfection is the most effective
When cleaning the towels, boil the towels in boiling water for 10 minutes, and then wash them with detergent. After washing, take them to a ventilated place to dry. If you find it a little troublesome to cook with boiling water, you can also microwave it in a microwave oven for 5 minutes after washing the towel, which can also achieve the effect of high temperature disinfection.

2. Clean with salt or alkaline detergent
You can add alkaline detergent to the water or scrub with salt, and then rinse with clean water after washing to improve the yellowing or peculiar smell of the towel.

3. Deodorize with vinegar and baking soda
If you want to remove the peculiar smell of towels, you can add two spoons of white vinegar and an appropriate amount of hot water to the washing machine. Do not add detergents, softeners, etc., and start the washing machine directly. After the cleaning process is over, add a little laundry soap or soda powder and wash again to remove most of the odor and stickiness.

Towel change frequency

It is recommended to prepare two or three towels for replacement at the same time. It is best to change to a new towel about three months, and it is better to scald the towel with hot water once a week to ensure that the towel is clean and free of mildew.

Post time: Nov-25-2020