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Countdown to Hot Girl Summer, are you ready? If not, we only found summer accessories that can help you take your pool and beach time to a new level. We just discovered Sunnylife’s most extra outdoor accessories at Nordstrom, let’s say it’s hard not to spend all of your salary here. From the cutest flashing inflatable swimming pool to the cute beach towels and all the Instagram backyard games of your dreams, this is truly your one-stop shop for everything in summer.
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We have been coveting all of Nordstrom’s recent summer discoveries-from outdoor tableware to affordable beach towels to Jackie Kennedy’s favorite waterproof sandals. But this rainbow and glitter decoration series took away the cake. How can you not laugh with these good things?
Like we said, there are many things to browse here, but we have done hard work to pick out the must-haves that we know will not be complete without you in the summer. In advance, check out the coveted picks from the Sunnylife outdoor collection at Nordstrom-get as much as possible!
The chic inflatable pool is the hottest item this summer, so if you haven’t already, this is a sign of jumping on this very extra version. It is very suitable for children and adults, and can easily cool down almost anywhere.
This chic beach towel doubles as a game board, so you can have fun on the beach without extra burden. Yes, it has a chessboard, so you can have some fun with friends in the sun-it even includes wooden game blocks.
This college style backpack picnic basket can free your hands during the journey and make picnics a breeze.
Without some very cute backyard games, summer is not complete-building blocks are one of our favorites. Sunnylife also has other classic versions, from cornholes to laps.

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Nordstrom has a wide range of high-quality skin care products, from masks and care products that allow your skin to enjoy a spa experience at home, to powerful serums that brighten your complexion and make your skin glow. If you want to change your summer daily habits in the market, or want to try new things and change the status quo, Nordstrom can provide you with a variety of products. Whether you are new to skincare games or live and breathe on vitamin C, retinol and sunscreen, we have found the best-selling and most acclaimed discoveries you need to try.
Building a deck around the above-ground swimming pool is a great addition to your backyard, but it can become very expensive. The following is an economical way to build a pool deck without sacrificing style or quality.
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Is it too big to be sorrowful? IKEA summer sale, up to 40% off over a thousand selected products! There may be fast hands, but there must be no slow hands!
Historically, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the favorite holiday of every luxury online shopper. This is the best time of the year to replenish high-quality necessities or finally buy those designer wishlists that you have considered for months. Last year, offers included a $60 discount on brand new Nike sneakers, a $30 discount on Spanx’s signature faux leather leggings, and a 50% discount on Adidas leggings, to name a few.
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The beauty of Nordstrom Rack can also be seen as one of its setbacks. The retailer’s inventory of discounted merchandise collected from a seemingly endless list of brands is so large that it can exhaust even the most avid online shoppers. However, instead of succumbing to its bottomless sales pit, we decided to accept it. Taking full advantage of the site’s savvy “best value” filter, we have curated a list of the most ideal offers for popular items from Everlane to Cole Haan.
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