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When you start planning summer trips and holidays, you may notice that hotels are sold out and excursions are booked. More and more Americans are returning to their beloved seaside town or seaside holiday for the first time. Just like in several other industries, restaurants and shops are struggling to keep up with demand amid shortages of personnel and supply.
Don’t get discouraged-we want you to have much-needed fun in the sun. As someone who has lived within a 10-minute drive from the beach most of my life, my advice is to be as prepared as possible, especially this year’s long queues and crowds. Here are some essential items to include on your holiday packing list so that you can spend more time on the beach and less time at the concession stand.
One mistake a novice makes when going to the beach is to carry a big bag on his shoulder. Avoid the pain and trouble caused by heavy bags or backpacks, and come with a cart to load all your belongings, especially when you are traveling with the whole family.
This heavy-duty foldable utility cart can carry up to 150 pounds of beach essentials such as coolers, backpacks and sports equipment. In addition, whether it is a summer camping trip or an outdoor concert, it is an excellent station wagon off the beach.
You may be surprised by the weight of beach towels, especially at the end of the day, when you take them back to your car or home. Choose a lightweight, fast-drying towel-this will also help avoid throwing wet towels into beach bags/station wagons or cars.
We recommend that you use Turkish cotton towels because they are very light, absorbent and soft-not to mention, they are stylish. Lands’ End This colorful Turkish cotton beach towel is a great choice for the beach or pool. Compared with ordinary beach towels, it also provides you with more resting space-about one and a half feet long.
If you just want to bring some delicious food and iced drinks, a cool backpack is a great alternative to a station wagon and a better alternative to a one-shoulder beach bag.
Yeti is at the top of our list of the best soft coolers, so you can’t go wrong with this soft backpack cooler from the brand. It is waterproof, leak-proof, and has the classic Yeti cooling capacity, which keeps drinks super cool for hours.
No need to line up in the canteen, plan to pack your own sandwiches, snacks and other home-cooked foods. Try to pack all your food in a Lunchskins bag, this is the best reusable sandwich bag we have tested.
These bags are the perfect size for sandwiches, and they even help keep your cargo ultra-low temperature (compared to other plastic bags). In addition, they can be washed in the dishwasher!
Don’t be found to forget a very important detail of a beach picnic: tableware. Pair the reusable bag with light, reusable tableware, and put it in the bag after eating, without wasting.
This top travel bamboo utensil bag comes with four independent sets of spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, straws, straw cleaners and cloth bags. Enjoy lunch or dinner by the sea to reduce extra waste.
This year will be a hot summer, and one of the best ways to cool down is to keep it cool. When we say you don’t want to rent beach umbrellas, trust us-if the beach is overcrowded, they will run out soon. Bringing your own beach umbrella is perfect for enjoying UV protection and cool temperatures-but only if it can remain intact all day long.
If possible, buy a beach umbrella with built-in sand anchors-this will ensure you have a stable umbrella that you don’t have to adjust (or chase on the beach) often. If you already own your favorite beach umbrella, please add a universal sand anchor suitable for the umbrella pole.
Without a set of beach chairs to relax you, a beach trip is not complete. Now, it’s not that troublesome to just drag them to the shore. As a person who often goes to the beach, I recommend a beach chair backpack-preferably a backpack with enough storage bags for small necessities.
This backpack-style beach chair has enough storage space, such as a removable thermal insulation bag. In addition to the storage function, it also has four reclining positions and a padded headrest for the ultimate relaxation mode.
Whether you are walking by the water or taking a bath to cool down, if you leave valuables, please put them away wisely. If possible, please take valuables with you, such as mobile phones, wallets, and keys. However, when you are swimming, this is not an option unless you use a fully waterproof bag (you should not immerse it in water anyway).
To unplug the power plug and ensure the safety of valuables, you can purchase a lock box to secure your umbrella or cooler. This portable, impact-resistant lock box allows you to set your own three-digit code to lock your valuables while enjoying a day on the beach. The device can be used outside the beach, such as on vacation rentals, cruise ships, or even at home.
Resist the urge to buy interesting toys sold in your beach town, whether it’s beach toys and kits, or those extravagant floats that can be posted on Instagram. Their prices will be very high, and they may never be used again (went there). Instead, buy toys and games in advance for beach-friendly kids (or yourself). Although you must take it with you, it is better than waiting in line for a penny.
I found that when you play with toys or floating objects on the beach, you really don’t need anything too fancy — although you may wish them to be used for many years, sand, sun and sea water will really cause serious damage to you. plastic products. Try some simple and interesting floats. For example, this group of three neon swimming tubes is very suitable for floating in the ocean. This set of beach toys by Kohl’s is only $10 and comes with a set of cute themed tools such as sieve, rake, shovel, mini monster truck, etc.
When you explore a seaside town or go shopping, you won’t want to drag anything except absolute necessities. To avoid sunburn without carrying the entire bottle, reapplying travel sunscreen is the key.
Instead of packing a large sunscreen bottle, it is better to pack a small one that does not take up space in the bag. This small sunscreen stick from Sun Bum allows you to reapply quickly and easily on your face-just swipe and rub on your face to get SPF 30 protection. Critics like its sweat-proof and waterproof formula, which can last all day.
If you pack lightly and want to put down the cooler and enjoy a relaxing sunrise or sunset, please pour water or your favorite beverage into the thermos and you can set off. Skip to replenish at the concession stand or stop at the vending machine, and put an extra bottle in your backpack or beach bag to keep you cool even in the hot summer.
We tested the Yeti Rambler bottle and found that its double-layer insulation can keep your liquids cool for hours-whether in a hot car or on a bedside table, the Rambler can keep “icicles cold”. Choose the 26 oz size with a screw cap-this large bottle will keep you using it for hours.
A dead Kindle or portable speaker can ruin the mood. But a dead phone can get you into trouble, especially when you need to call home. No matter where you are, we always recommend that you use portable charging devices to give your electronic products a new lease of life.
An excellent portable battery pack we tested is the Fuse Chicken Universal, which has USB-A and USB-C outputs and an international plug adapter for future trips abroad. This compact device has enough power to charge the 11-inch iPad Pro about 80% or charge the iPhone XS twice.
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Post time: Jul-15-2021