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Down pillow stuffing is mainly 100% white goose down, down refers to the soft fluffy long in the goose, duck chest under the cold effect, under the microscope, each velvet are triangular skeleton structure, can naturally shrink and expand with temperature changes, resulting in temperature control, humidity control function, high permeability, can provide the human body with a dry and comfortable “small environment”. The triangular structure can also make the down absorb a lot of air, and the down pillow has an unmatched degree of puffiness. In addition, down fiber has a strong recovery elasticity, after a period of use, it will return to the original fluffy state.
The anti-mite and anti-bacterial down pillow is made of imported white goose down. The fabric is anti-mite, anti-bacterial and dust-proof fabric, which is soft, breathable and comfortable. Fully reflects the significant characteristics of environmental protection and health, soft, smooth, light and comfortable no heat storage, not easy to change, pat the pillow surface after sleep can better maintain the pillow shape, the surface can better maintain the pillow shape, long service life, high performance price summer and autumn use, cool, breathable winter and spring season use fluffy comfort, heat and humidity, to bring you comfort and sleep enjoyment.


Post time: Sep-11-2023