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Strengthen the research and development of original leading technologies, strengthen the research of cutting-edge technologies such as industrial basis, generic technology and engineering application technology, focus on the development and application of high-end and high-tech products, and break through a number of industrial development “stuck neck” technology products through the implementation of various projects at all levels. Focus on the breakthrough of advanced technology textile molding processing and application technology, intelligent transportation textile materials and acoustic structural materials, high-strength lightweight textile matrix composite materials, intelligent wearable textile materials, high-quality nonwoven materials, high-performance aerospace textile materials, ecological and environmental protection geo-construction textile materials, Marine fishery textile materials, ultra-clean fine filtration textile materials, high-performance emergency safety Key common technologies in the fields of anti-textile materials, high-end medical and health care leisure textile materials, advanced textile testing certification and quality traceability platform, green, low-carbon and sustainable development public service platform, etc.

Strengthen the main position of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, activate the internal power of scientific and technological innovation in the industry, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the industry. Continue to explore and improve the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, so that independent innovation is more widely integrated into the industrial chain innovation chain, service industry needs, with collaborative innovation to promote the two-way interconnection of innovation chain and industrial chain, targeting the smooth transfer and transformation of results, accelerate the realization of high-level science and technology self-reliance, enabling high-quality industrial development.


Post time: Jan-24-2024