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Yarn is divided according to raw material variety


First, pure spinning thread:

Pure spun yarn is composed of the same fiber, such as pure cotton yarn, wool yarn, viscose fiber yarn, acrylic yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn and so on.

Second, blended (mixed fiber) yarn:

Blended or intertwist yarns are yarns consisting of two or more fibers, such as polyester/cotton blended yarn, wool/polyester blended yarn, wool/acrylic blended yarn, polyester/viscose/acrylic blended yarn, silk/cotton intertwist yarn, etc. There are more than two kinds of short fiber mixed into short fiber yarn, called blended yarn; The yarn composed of more than two filament yarns (such as twisting) is called mixed fiber yarn.

Common noun

1, yarn twist – the number of twists per unit length. There are Z twist and S twist;

2, general comb (rough comb) – spinning process only through the carding machine only one end of the carding and textile yarn;

3, combing – in the spinning process using the combing machine to comb the yarn at both ends of the fiber, less impurities, more straight fiber;

4, blending – two or two different types of fibers mixed together to form yarn;

5, yarn count – used to indicate the fineness of yarn indicators, mainly British count, metric count, special number, denier;

6, single yarn – the products directly out of the spinning machine, once the untwist will be dispersed, referred to as yarn;

7, strands – two or more strands of yarn and twisted together, referred to as line;

8, sewing thread – used for clothing and other stitched products of thread products collectively;

9, new spinning – compared with the traditional ring spinning new spinning method, the spinning process has one end for the free end, such as air spinning, friction spinning, etc., the yarn has no twist, but tangled together.

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